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Fully funded MBA Scholarships in Canada For Foreign Students 2023


Fully funded MBA Scholarships in Canada For Foreign Students 2023


Fully funded MBA Scholarships in Canada For Foreign Students 2023 MBA programmes in Canada are often ranked among the top in the world. Scholarships to attend college or university in the country of North America are plentiful and completely subsidised.


Students from all over the world come to study at Canadian universities to earn undergraduate, graduate, and especially doctoral degrees.



It’s possible that a scholarship to study in Canada will come as a pleasant surprise to you.

MBA students from other countries can find a wide range of scholarship and grant options in Canada. In Canada, international students can apply for and receive financial help from schools depending on their grades, extracurricular activities, and immigration status.

In Canada, an MBA will typically set you back roughly $20,000. Some non-native English speakers need assistance securing financial aid to cover this expense. The average value of an MBA scholarship in Canada is between $10,000 and $20,000.

Fully funded MBA Scholarships in Canada For International Students 2023

The rundown of MBA Scholarships on Canada for International Students is highlighted below:

1. UCW MBA Excellence Scholarship for Continuing Students

The MBA Excellence Scholarship is available to continuing students at UCW.

Scholarship for Master of Business Administration students.

You can submit your application for this award online at https://www.ucanwest.ca/admissions/awards-scholarships. Submissions received after the cutoff time will not be processed.

The due date is conditional.

MBA students who have already begun their studies at University Canada West (UCW) in British Columbia, Canada can apply for a scholarship worth up to CAD 2,000.

In general, students from any country are welcome to apply for this scholarship.

Eligibility for this Scholarship

  • UCW MBA Excellence Scholarship for Continuing Students is only available to current MBA students, both domestic and international, who have excelled academically during their MBA studies.
  • MBA students have completed at least 27 credits of MBA degree Tier 2 courses (MBA level 600 and higher).
  • Students must maintain a 3.60 cumulative grade point average in all MBA courses to stay eligible for the Scholarship and receive the tuition reimbursement.
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2. Ivey MBA Scholarships in Canada

Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario provides some of the most lucrative MBA scholarship offerings in Canada, therefore you should seriously consider going there.

Details about the Ivey MBA awards are provided below. Award amounts range from tens of thousands of Canadian dollars to cover entire tuition.

Eligibility for this Scholarship

  • Excellent professional experience, leadership ability, academic success, and good GMAT scores are selected criteria.
  • These eligibility criteria are completely based on merit and leadership attributes.

3. UCW Second Language Excellence Scholarship

Financial aid is available to UCW students through the Student Assistance Programme. Graduate and undergraduate students pursuing degrees in Business Administration, Commerce, Business Communication, or the Arts are welcome to apply. Visit UCW’s Scholarships for Excellence in Second Language Learning page to fill out an application via https://www.ucanwest.ca/admissions/awards-scholarships.

The event’s organisers will choose the application cutoff date. A scholarship worth up to CAD8,000 is available from University Canada West.

Students from every country in the world can apply for this interesting grant. A MBA is just one of the advanced degrees offered through this programme.

Eligibility for this Scholarship

  • An international student applying should have an Academic IELTS overall score of 7.0 and a minimum of 6.5 in all bands are eligible to apply for the UCW Second Language Excellence Scholarship (or equivalent).
  • To be eligible for the second and subsequent award payments, scholarship recipients of the Undergraduate grant must maintain a GPA of 2.67.
  • To be eligible for the second and subsequent award payments, scholarship winners of the Graduate award must maintain a GPA of 3.0.
  • MBA, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication, or Associate of Arts students are eligible to apply.
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4. AMBA 50th Anniversary Scholarship

Do you need financial assistance to attend a university in Canada? The AMBA 50th Anniversary Scholarships offer a wide variety of funding options for students. They provide financial aid to individuals who want to earn a Master of Business Administration degree.

The Association of MBAs (AMBA) welcomes applications from all qualified citizens for its annual scholarship programme. This scholarship is worth a total of CAD 8,333 and will be awarded on a prorated basis.

Eligibility Criteria for this Scholarship

  • AMBA 50th Anniversary Scholarships are only available to students preparing to join an MBA program at an AMBA-approved business school.
  • Criteria for selection include career advancement, academic competence, professional expertise, capacity to express ideas and experience, sustainable and entrepreneurial business concepts.

5. Rotman School of Management Scholarships (Fortà Foundation Scholarships)

MBA students at Rotman can apply for funding opportunities.

At the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, about one-third of first-year students receive admission scholarships, fellowships, or grants.

The university provides overseas students with one of the most generous MBA scholarships available in Canada. It’s fascinating that these programmes exist to help students cover the costs of attending a business school.

Let’s have a look at the Rotman School of Management International MBA Scholarships in Toronto, Canada.

Eligibility for this Scholarship

  • One significant requirement for this school is through personal mentorship or community participation.
  • That implies that candidates must exhibit excellent leadership abilities and a commitment to women and girls.


There are a variety of scholarship and grant programmes available to MBA students at Canadian universities. If you are an international candidate, you will not be overlooked. Students from outside the United States and Canada can apply for these scholarships.

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In order to assist you in selecting the most suitable Canadian scholarship or fellowship programme, we have compiled a list of the best MBA Scholarships in Canada for international students.

Popular MBA Scholarships in Canada

Some of the popular scholarships to study in MBA in Canada are tabulated below:

Scholarships Eligibility Award Amount in CAD
Women in Business Excellence Award Various categories including Certified WBE, Corporate member and Open to all Up to 10,000
Academic Achievement Scholarships at Haskayne School of Business Satisfactory UG GPA and GMAT score 23,000 in 1st year and 13,000 in 2nd year
Haskayne Entrance Scholarship Prior academic success including GMAT score and GPA 1,500-20,000
Ivey MBA Scholarships Academic performance, career ambitions, leadership orientation, community contribution and few related factors 10,000-65,000
Hari Varshney MBA Entrance Scholarship Preferably international students with excellent academic scores and aptitude Up to 50% tuition fees
Madhu Varshney MBA Entrance Scholarship International students demonstrating aptitude and academic merit Up to 50% tuition fees
Concordia Merit Scholarship Based on academic merit 10,000
MBA Admission Awards Full-time MBA students at Degroote School of Business are automatically considered 2,500-30,000 for both domestic and international students
MBA In-course and Entrance Scholarships Full-time MBA students at Degroote School of Business can apply for the scholarship 500-10,000
Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program Students enrolled in graduate studies in doctoral or master’s level at one of the 19 selected Ontario institutes 10,000 for 2 study terms, 15,000 for 3 study terms



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