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Canadian Universities That Offer Scholarships For Local And International Students


Canadian Universities That Offer Scholarships For Local And International Students


Many international students are interested in studying in Canada because of the dramatic changes that have taken place in the country’s higher education system over the previous decade. When one considers the financial aid that some Canadian colleges provide to international students, the prospect of completing a university degree in Canada becomes very appealing. In light of this, below is a list of some of the Canadian universities that provide scholarships to foreign students.


McGill College and University


Both international and domestic students can benefit from McGill University’s generous scholarship offerings. The State Capital Frame Foundation offers a Scholarship for Master and Scholarly Person Level Study in Engineering Science and Engineering to students who are committed to pursuing a career in either engineering or engineering science at the master’s degree level. This scholarship awards recipients between CAD 13,000 and CAD 20,000.


Educating Quest

Hunt offers numerous scholarships to international students.
Students from different nations who would benefit greatly from the World National Scholarship are urged to apply regardless of their financial circumstances. Students studying abroad who have extraordinary academic qualifications may apply for the Presidential Scholarship. Exceptional athletes should seriously consider applying for a LEAP Scholarship. The average amount of money awarded through these grants is CAD 15,000.

HEC city

The University of HEC in its namesake city of HEC has built a stellar reputation as a business school. Lucky for international students, they also have a great scholarship program. International students working on a thesis or project under faculty supervision can benefit greatly from financial aid opportunities like the Admission Scholarship for exchange (M.Sc.)-BOUCARO FOUNDATION. Their total educational experience will be evaluated. Admission scholarship for M.Sc. students – Thesis stream is open to international students who have been admitted to study at HEC for a Master of Science in the thesis stream.

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Educators at Carleton

Carleton University offers an Entrance Scholarship to incoming first-year students from the United States and other countries. This scholarship program may be an excellent alternative for first-time international students attending college in the United States. To be eligible for this scholarship at Carleton University, you need to have a cumulative grade point average of at least 80%. This presents a significantly easier path to education with fewer barriers to entry than the alternatives.

Memorial College

An excellent bonus is the variety of international scholarships available to students at Memorial University. The International Entrance Scholarship at Memorial University of Newfoundland is the most coveted prize given out. What’s intriguing is that if you fit the criteria, your application will be reviewed for this award immediately after you’ve been accepted to the university. In other words, no additional action is needed to implement. If you are an overseas student interested in attending Memorial University, you should also apply for a Graduate Studies Fellowship.

In Canada, we have Dalhousie University.

The name of Dalhousie University has been brought up in parallel discussions.
They act as a go-between for international students and the several Canadian scholarship programs available to them.

The Entrance Award Program is open to all international students, and there are some particularly generous funding opportunities for students from Jamaica and India. There is also the International Postgraduate Scholarship to think about. Foreign students studying in the United States receive generous amounts of help and support.

The University of Calgary

The University of Calgary has been around for quite some time, and throughout its illustrious history, it has always made sure to offer courses that are interesting to students from different nations. The President’s Admission Scholarships are among the most competitive forms of financial help for international students since they place such a premium on the applicant’s demonstrated academic excellence at the time of application. International students can also take advantage of the International Entrance Scholarships and Awards provided by the University of Calgary. Its emphasis on academic achievement will motivate foreign students to study harder so they can outperform their competition.

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Western University in Ontario, Canada

International students with exceptional academic records at the University of Western Ontario may apply for International President’s Entrance Scholarships. Aside from the Virginia Harris International Admission Scholarship, the Dr. Amit Chakma International Scholarship is also accessible to international students. These are readily available to individuals who have the requisite knowledge and academic credentials to use them effectively. Many foreign students, notably those from France but also from other European nations or maybe other continents, choose to attend this university upon moving to Canada.

Canadian University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba offers overseas students the opportunity to apply for scholarship funding. Scholarships for International Students Entering the United States are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will usher in unprecedented levels of excellence, innovation, and value.

In addition, the International Baccalaureate and the J.W. GRADUATE fellowship both offer financial support for study of mediation. If you’re an international student looking for scholarship opportunities, these are a great place to start. It is important to remember that international students can also qualify for some domestic financial aid.

College or University of Toronto

The University of Toronto offers extremely substantial forms of financial help. International students are encouraged to apply to the University of Toronto’s program. Foreign students from outside the United States can take advantage of Engineering Admission Scholarships provided by the university. It says much about the prestige of the University of Toronto that its international students have the same legal protections as Canadian residents. That’s fantastic news, but it also means there’s intense competition for available scholarships. You should be at your most best if you want to get one of those scholarships.

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College or university in a Canadian province

Universities in the Canadian provinces provide enticing additional financial aid alternatives for international students. The International Major Entrance Scholarship is offered by UBC to high-achieving international applicants who wish to enroll in the university’s Undergraduate Program. Only exceptional students will be honored with the Outstanding International Student Award. Therefore, the Graduate School provides the International Tuition Award to qualified international students who have been admitted to the program and plan to complete their graduate studies at the institution.


The top Canadian universities, including many on our list, provide substantial scholarship and grant programs to international students. You’ll notice that different criteria apply under different conditions. A good deserves and achievements are typically required to qualify for such a scholarship.

Some Canadian universities and the scholarships they offer to international students place more emphasis on the student’s family history and financial need than on the student’s academic performance. You’ll need to be a top student with impeccable credentials to enter a program like this. If so, you’ll gain access to a sum between $10,000 and $20,000 (or more) in cash to spend whatever you like.

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