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Best Universities In Canada For International Students To Study


Best Universities In Canada For International Students To Study


Some universities in Canada are more welcoming to international students than others, and we’ll discuss those and rank them here. Canada, affectionately referred to as “the true north,” is a favourite destination for newcomers.


According to the Times Higher Education’s 2020 World University Ranking, Canada is home to some of the best universities in the world because of the country’s dedication to delivering a high-quality education to international students. Canadian universities have excellent infrastructure and facilities staffed by trained professionals, making them ideal places to study.


What is the most well regarded school in Canada for foreign students?


If you are thinking about attending college or university, Canada has several options for you to choose from. The educational opportunities available to international students in these areas are unparalleled. The vast majority of them are fluent in more than one language and use it in the classroom.

Some of Canada’s finest educational institutions for international students are included below. We provide a directory of the best schools in Canada that accept international students;

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University of Toronto

Among the world’s top universities, it is now ranked 18th best and the best in Canada.

The student body at this school hails from somewhere about 160 different countries. The largest and most prominent institution in Canada, it is widely regarded as the best place to study medicine in the country (insulin was invented there). U of T in Toronto has everything you might want in a university: a large student body, a diversified faculty and staff, and excellent academics.

Ten Nobel laureates and five former Canadian prime ministers are among the university’s alumni.

University of British Columbia

UBC is ranked #2 in Canada for universities. Its research reputation is high, it has produced many noteworthy alumni, and it offers a wealth of scholarship options to international students. Both Vancouver and Kelowna are home to the university’s campuses. Vancouver’s milder climate than the rest of Canada makes it a desirable location for overseas students.

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Among UBC’s distinguished graduates are three Canadian prime ministers, eight Nobel laureates, seventy-one Rhodes scholars, and sixty-five Olympic medalists. This is a great choice for students looking for a lively university environment.

McGill University 

McGill University is located in the Canadian city of Montreal. It has the number three spot in Canada and the number 42 spot in the globe according to Times Higher Education. Only McGill University in Canada is represented at the World Global Universities Leaders Conference.

The medical school at McGill University is highly regarded because it was the first of its kind in Canada. Students from all over the world flock to the renowned institution to take advantage of the challenging 300-level curriculum. Twenty-five percent of the student body is comprised of overseas students.

University of McMaster

It’s the best school in Canada and the 72nd best in the world. The campus’s 121 ha of land area is fairly sizable. There are students from about 90 different countries enrolled at this school, and over 70 different exchange programmes available for them to participate in. They do exceptionally well in the scientific and social sciences, as well as the humanities and mathematics.

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Montreal-based establishment

All five of Canada’s best universities are situated in other English-speaking countries. This school has gained notoriety thanks in part to its success in popular sports including badminton, football, and hockey. Its business programme is well regarded, and it has made important scientific discoveries.

University of Alberta, Arts and Science Faculty

The University of Alberta’s primary location is in Edmonton. When it comes to energy studies, the University of Alberta is well regarded. Alumni have founded more than 70,000 organisations after graduating from college or university. This is a first-rate academic institution for international students.


Canada is home to some of the world’s finest educational institutions, many of which attract students from all over the globe.

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