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How To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria


How To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria


How To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria – Many Nigerians, given the current political climate, would jump at the chance to immigrate to Canada.


Is it fair to say that you identify with these people? If Yes! If this is the case, you may rest assured that you are headed in the right direction toward a successful immigration outcome.
Our primary goal in penning this essay is to provide Nigerians with the information they need to begin the immigration process to Canada in 2023.


In 2023, around 12,600 Nigerians made Canada their permanent home, making Nigeria the fourth most popular nation of origin for immigrants to Canada.


Canada benefits in a number of ways by employing a permanent resident. One is the universal availability of high-quality, no-cost medical care and other social services, regardless of where in the country you choose to make your home.

A greater standard of living, easier access to modern amenities, and more career opportunities are just some of the many benefits permanent residency provides.

The immediate problem at hand is figuring out how to get from Nigeria to Canada. We always advise our students to begin their Canadian adventure by selecting a study abroad program and city that are a good fit for them personally and academically. We always advise our clients to look into both options concurrently due to their interdependence.

Canada has a wide variety of immigration policies to help anyone who want to move there do so. We understand that you’re probably wondering why they needed to create so many unique apps. Well! It’s the truth, straight up.

Each immigration program has its own set of requirements and prerequisites. The vast majority are based on reaching a given work milestone, whereas a select handful use a point system. Carefully consider each option and go with the one that feels most like you.

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Guidelines for Nigerians Considering a Move to Canada

Below are highlighted three of the most frequent passageways taken by Nigerians on their way to Canada.

Immigrants from Nigeria can enter Canada in one of three ways. In order to have your application taken seriously, you must:

Use the expedited entry procedure

Qualified skilled workers can check their eligibility for immigration to Canada using Express Entry (EE), the country’s online immigration application system. You need to be in the top-scoring Nigerian candidates to be asked to apply for permanent residence.

Nigerians are not alone in using the Express Entry procedure to immigrate to Canada. Express Entry is a convenient and streamlined process for Nigerians who are serious about moving to Canada and obtaining permanent resident status in the nation.

If you are a skilled worker from Nigeria and would like to move to Canada, you can do so through one of three government programs with the help of this online program:

Program for Hiring Qualified Canadian

Assistance for those in the Skilled Trades
Course on the Canadian Experience

Standards for Express Entry

  • It’s required that Nigerians have at least a year of professional job experience in their field.
  • You need to speak either English or French fluently.
  • In order to be eligible for permanent residency in Canada, you need to have completed postsecondary education at a level at least equivalent to that found in the country.

To reiterate, the above are NOT the only criteria for express admission program participation. This won’t ensure an invitation, but it will put you ahead of others who don’t try.

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Keep in mind that a large number of people are applying to the same program through express entry. Therefore, the most qualified applicants will be selected before those who just barely meet the requirements.

Immigrating to Canada from Nigeria using the Express Entry system:Step by Step Instructions

After satisfying the basic express admission prerequisites, you must construct an online profile that includes the following details.

  • Your travel documentation (passport)
  • Scores on Language Tests
  • A Report on the Evaluation of
  • Educational Credentials
  • Qualification Certificate in a Trade Issued by a Province in Canada
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Nomination by Province

There will be a 60-day window for each applicant to complete their profile. The barrier will be based on the time and date that each applicant’s Express Entry profile was submitted if multiple candidates have the same lowest score.

The top scorers will be placed in a separate pool called “express admission,” which will be used to quickly admit those who qualify. This rigorous rating method is used to assess an applicant’s standing in the express admission program.

If your score is good enough, you will advance to the next phase of the competition. In order to apply for permanent residency in Canada, you must first get an ITA.

Method Two: Nomination at the Provincial Level

Canada’s federal government and individual provinces administer a variety of immigration programs under the umbrella of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).
The following qualifications are sought in potential employees:

have skills that are vital to the economy of a specific Canadian province or territory, want to make that province or territory their permanent home, and want to become Canadian citizens.

Immigration policy in many Canadian provinces and territories are designed to meet the requirements of certain communities. Depending on the specific program component, states and provinces may work toward the following objectives:

  1. Entrepreneurial Students
  2. Expert laborers
  3. Low-to-Mid-Quality Skilled Employees
  4. Thanks to Canadian Universities By use of a post-graduate work authorization
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Guidelines for Nigerians Considering a Move to Canada

Foreign people seeking a post-graduate work visa in Canada must have graduated from an accredited institution of higher learning, either in or outside of Canada. PGWP will assist you in getting a work visa that will allow you to work for any employer in Canada for the duration of your studies there.

This visa will help you apply for permanent residence in Canada, but it is not a guarantee. If you go to school in Canada, you’ll have a lot easier time obtaining a visa to stay in the country.

Specifications of the Graduate Work Permit System

Participants must be 18 or older.
must have graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution with official accreditation.

A degree from a “Designated Institution” in Canada is required.
Full-time study in Canada for a minimum of eight months is necessary. Proof of a current study permit will be required when applying for a work permit.
Your application for a work visa must be submitted no later than 90 days after you receive your diploma.

If your studies program is at least three years long, you may be eligible for permanent residency under the Canadian Experience Class because you have worked in Canada for at least a year under PGWP. You should therefore commit to a degree program of at least three years’ duration in order to get appropriate work experience in Canada.
Other, less frequent ways for Nigerians to enter Canada are:

  • Making use of the duties of a caregiver or farmhand
  • Being offered a position in Atlantic Canada

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