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How To Apply For Free Canada Student Visa


How To Apply For Free Canada Student Visa


The Canada student visa is highly sought after since it allows the visa holder to attend a university or college in Canada. Canada is well-known for its multiethnic population, progressive educational system, and cutting-edge infrastructure, all of which attract international students who dream of studying there.


Canada’s welcoming attitude toward foreign students has made the country a popular destination for those from throughout the world. Many foreign students pick Canada as their study abroad destination because of the welcoming nature of Canadians.


By detailing the process in detail and providing helpful tips along the way, this article will assist anyone considering applying for a student visa to Canada.


A study permit is defined as follows;

To attend a university or college in Canada, international students need a study permit. In order to enroll in a postsecondary institution in Canada, prospective students must first apply for a study permit with IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

If an international student’s program is accepted by the IRCC, the IRCC will issue the student a formal study permit. This will make it easier for the student to apply for permanent resident status in Canada. The study visa is valid for two to three years. However, the visa can be renewed if the student chooses to stay in school and the length of the approved course is increased. Now that there is a two-tiered system in place, you must first decide how long you want your program to be.

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Procedures for Obtaining a Student Visa:

These are the three stages of the Canada student visa application process:

  • Find Out If You’re Eligible.

Making sure you meet the prerequisites for your intended program of study is the first step in getting a study permit. Choose your major carefully, taking into account the time commitment involved and the institution you hope to attend. In addition to the application itself, the following major documents must be presented depending on your qualifications and the courses you choose to enroll in:

  1. Evidence of acceptance from a Canadian school is required. In this letter, the institution formally confirms that you have been accepted into their program.
  2. Proof of sufficient funds to cover tuition, living expenses, and other costs incurred while studying in Canada is required of all international students. Holding $10,000 per year of the program is recommended.
  3. You’ll need to show that you’ve got enough money to live on while in Canada. Students who intend to make Canada their permanent home after graduation should not be required to provide evidence of this, however.

It is your responsibility to verify that you are qualified to enroll in the desired academic program. If you are applying to a one-year program that lasts less than six months and isn’t located in a restricted residence area, you will only be responsible for tuition costs.

  • Fill out the application:
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The next step is to apply for a study permit from the IRCC. You can submit your application online or by mail by following the instructions on IRCC’s website.

It is important to know what type of institution you want to attend, how long your program will be, and where you presently live before applying for a student visa to Canada. In addition, you must state that you are applying for a student visa.

The “How are you supporting yourself?” section requires proof that you have enough money to survive in Canada for the duration of your stay. If you are applying to a program that lasts more than six months, you will need to provide additional documentation.

All information provided on the application must be accurate and complete. If the IRCC is lacking any of the paperwork, they may reject or postpone your application. There is a CAD 150 application fee.

If you submit your application online, you will be able to access your application status at any time by entering your Application ID and password. You will also receive an email from IRCC confirming receipt of your application.

  • Prepare the Necessary Visa Paperwork
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Gathering the required documentation to provide at the time of your visa interview with the immigration official is the fourth step in the process of acquiring a study permit. The amount of required documentation depends on the length of your course. To register for a crash course, all you need is proof of financial means and an admission letter from your school. If your program is longer in duration, you will be required to show more evidence of financial stability in Canada.

Applying for a student visa to Canada can be done at any of Canada’s visa application centers (CVACs). You can check your application status online or with the assistance of an immigration agent or study counselor.


Finally, be sure you’ve completed all steps for obtaining a student visa. Without all of the necessary details, IRCC may postpone or reject your application. Before completing an online application, you should contact with an immigration adviser in your area or the IRCC website to determine if you are eligible for the study program.

In addition, before your interview, double-check that you have everything on the IRCC-provided list of required documents for your visa application.

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